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Jessica Moore

VP, Operations

As the VP of Operations at Precision Homecrafters, Jessica brings a strategic operational mindset bolstered by over a decade of professional experience, including a targeted focus on the architecture and construction sector for the past five years. A proud alumnus of Campbell University with a degree in Accounting, Jessica has honed her leadership and operational skills across various roles, significantly contributing to the efficiency and growth of the organizations she has been part of.

While Jessica’s career began in the precious metals and luxury goods sector, where she rapidly advanced from General Manager to Senior Vice President of Operations at DGSE Companies, Inc., her true passion lies in the world of building and design—a passion she attributes to her heritage as the daughter of a third-generation carpenter/contractor. This deep-rooted connection to construction has been a guiding force in her career trajectory.

Jessica’s dedication to community improvement is evidenced by her successful venture into fundraising, where she single-handedly raised substantial funds for local causes in Central Alabama. Her affinity for transforming spaces and her sharp operational acumen make her an invaluable asset to our clients, assisting them in turning their houses into homes that reflect their personalities and lifestyles.

Jessica is a devoted mother of two who cherishes her time outdoors, indulging in literature, culinary explorations, enjoying live music, and practicing yoga—activities that enrich her creativity and inform her approach to creating harmonious living environments for our clients.