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Jennifer Dean

Brand Manager

Jennifer Dean is the dynamic Brand Manager of Precision Homecrafters, where her creative vision and strategic thinking help shape the public face of our company. Married to our President, Joshua Dean, she brings her personal touch and understanding of family needs to the forefront of our branding efforts. Her role at PHC is to ensure that our values and services resonate with our clients, reflecting the integrity, quality, and warmth we stand for.

Balancing a demanding role at PHC with homeschooling, Jennifer is a master of organization and multitasking. After homeschooling her daughter to graduation, she has her hands full teaching her four young boys. Her ability to educate and nurture her family while steering our brand narrative speaks volumes of her dedication and diverse skill set. Jennifer’s insights into family life and education are invaluable, informing our approach to creating homes that are not only structurally sound but truly tailored to the needs of each family.

Her hands-on experience with raising and teaching her children within the home environment gives her a unique perspective on the functional and aesthetic needs a home must fulfill. Jennifer’s contributions ensure that Precision Homecrafters maintains an approachable and authentic brand, much like the familial warmth she cultivates at home and within our company.