Ethan Curry

Cabinetry Carpenter

Ethan Curry is a Cabinetry Carpenter at the Lovewood Studios division of Precision Homecrafters. Ethan was attracted to Precision/Lovewood by our well-organized and structured approach to work. He embarked on his woodworking journey immediately after high school by attending a woodworking trade school and he has since dedicated over seven years to mastering the craft. Ethan identifies communication and adaptability as the foremost strengths that allow him to excel in his role. Beyond his professional pursuits, Ethan shares his life with his wife, Alli, a writer and journalist whose work has garnered numerous awards and international recognition. Ethan’s passion extends beyond the workshop, where he can be found indulging in painting or playing soccer. Committed to a balanced life, he adheres to a structured schedule, ensuring optimal focus at work and enabling him to unwind and enjoy quality time at home!