Pine Ridge Bathroom Renovation


Beautiful Design for a Growing Family

In the midst of new beginnings, a young couple embarked on the journey of homeownership,  eager to transform their space into a sanctuary for their expanding family. The basement primary bath emerged as a focal point, where meticulous planning and thoughtful design converged to create a haven of comfort and tranquility. 

The project commenced with a vision to reimagine the space, stripping away the remnants of its former self to make room for new possibilities. Walls were delicately removed, closets repurposed, and utility areas seamlessly integrated to optimize functionality and space utilization. A symphony of design elements, including a new clawfoot tub, bespoke vanity, and discreet water closet, harmonized to form the foundation of the bath’s rejuvenated aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the couple’s deep-rooted connection to nature and their cherished farm, every detail was imbued with personal significance. The custom vanity, adorned in a serene green hue reminiscent of verdant pastures, served as a nod to their agricultural heritage,  while scenic wallpaper enveloped the space in a sense of timeless charm. Materials were thoughtfully chosen to marry durability with elegance, with marble countertops and brass fixtures infusing a touch of sophistication into the space. An 8″ hexagon tile floor and wood wainscot detail added warmth and texture, evoking a sense of rustic allure that echoed the couple’s down-to-earth sensibilities. 



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