Seamless Family Living: Exploring Bathroom Addition Solutions

Content Updated on September 22, 2023 Are you grappling with the challenge of managing your growing family’s needs with just one bathroom? Are morning routines transitioning into chaos and evening rituals becoming a hassle? Fret not! At Precision Homecrafters, we understand the significance of maintaining harmonious family living, and we offer the perfect solution: a […]

Our house feels so boxy. Are there ways make an older home more open?

Opening up a boxy home. By removing a few walls, the main living areas (kitchen and den) can have a nicer flow and appear more visually open and less cramped. You could even replace the main dividing wall (if not load bearing) with an island or a peninsula to connect the two spaces together. Other […]

Rising Kitchen Appliance Trends for 2021

Get more space! (Counterspace that is) Selecting the right kitchen appliances can save you time, effort and most of all, space! It’s question that comes up in almost every kitchen design meeting. How can I get more counterspace without more square footage? ¬†With the right kitchen design, you can get the smaller appliances off of […]